Alison Earey works to help people to unlock their potential.


Most people recognise the word dyslexia, which is one type of Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD). There are other types of SpLD:Key

Dyslexia – difficulty with words
Dysgraphia – difficulty with writing
Dyspraxia – difficulty with action
Dyscalculia – difficulty with numbers

Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder – AD(H)D – difficulty with attention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity

These form part of a group of neurodiversities which include autism and are commonly co-occurring.

Helping people to know why some things are difficult and some things are easy to achieve are key elements of any work that Alison undertakes when helping people to unlock their potential. Whether it be for personal development, for study, a work related role or for legal requirements, Alison aims to deliver the best service at the highest standard.

Alison is based in Birmingham working with a number of different organisations and with clients from various walks of life, both privately and through funding organisations.