Success Stories

“I very much appreciate your support and for putting me at ease,
I am sure that you realise that the situation was becoming quite stressful for me.”
Craig (Mature student  – Screening)


“Thanks so much for sending the report to us so promptly, it was lovely to meet you and we’re very grateful for your time and recommendations.

Our daughter felt very comfortable with you.

Naturally, we will be recommending you should we come across any other student requiring assessment.

Thanks again Alison.”

Parents of a 17-year-old after an assessment


“Alison ensured that I was comfortable even though I was well aware that I was technologically challenged. She used all forms of strategies to ensure that we found a learning style that was best suited for me.

Her approach to support is holistic, encompassing all aspects of well being which may directly or indirectly impact on ability to learn. I found sessions with her empowering on all fronts and I always looked forward to our meetings.

Alison would go over and above the, ‘call of duty’ during sessions and would keep in touch even after sessions to monitor progress. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to have sessions with her.”

Ada (Doctor)


“After the assessment, I applied for a new role. Due to my new role, I am having to study for a qualification. I have found some of the learning material challenging, to say the least, but I took my first exam last week and pleased to say that I got a distinction in unit 1 and a merit in unit 2. Due to being diagnosed with dyslexia I was given additional time for the exam, which was really helpful.  I don’t think I would have achieved this if I hadn’t been assessed for dyslexia, it’s the best thing that I have done.

I hope you didn’t mind me messaging you, I just thought it would be nice for you to know that all the work you put into the assessment and the time spent writing up of the report has not gone to waste and it’s been really helpful to me and my family.”

Lesley (Workplace Assessment)


“I saw Alison for dyslexia assessment because I was struggling with post graduate exams (in particular MCQ/SBA format papers). She completed the assessment in a supportive and understanding manner, and went above and beyond to make sure that I had the report in time to apply for adjustments for my forthcoming examination. She helped me to understand dyslexia better and provided practical advice and tailored study solutions to help overcome my difficulties.

As a professional adult, accepting and understanding that I had a learning difficulty was not easy, however Alison took a respectful and empathic approach, allowing me to feel empowered and enabled. Now that my specific difficulties have been identified and strategies put in place, I have been able to move forward and overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from moving forward with my career”.

Sophie (Doctor)


“A professional service that provides fully holistic support and care for all clients.”
David (Mature student)

puzzle“Our daughter had always found writing at school “too hard” and was branded lazy and unfocused. When she started to fall behind in year 11 and after a chance conversation with the mother of a dyslexic older child, we felt we should seek help.

Thank goodness we found Alison. Right from the first telephone conversation we received a huge amount of support and practical advice. The diagnostic process was swift and once submitted to her school the recommendations implemented.
Further study sessions with Alison over the weeks approaching GCSE made an enormous difference to strategies and approaches to study which our daughter learned to use and consequently the grades she went on to achieve at GCSE and AS Level.

Our daughter will always find study “hard” but she now has all the tools to succeed and is looking forward to taking her place at university later this year.”
Sarah (Parent of A-level student)

puzzle“Alison is truly skilled at empowering others”
Kate (Colleague)

puzzle“Alison has been a great support in assisting me to overcome my dyslexia difficulties during university studies. This support has involved us working together to develop new planning and working techniques which has given me confidence when producing work and making presentations.”
Kirsty (Mature student)

puzzle“I want to bring hope and encouragement to other dyslexics who think that they will never succeed in education. I am now a mature student in higher education for the first time, although my Dyslexia was not diagnosed until a year ago and consequently I had never had specialist support until I met Alison.

Alison’s support, encouragement and professionalism in our study skills sessions have proved invaluable to get to grips with my course work and assignments as well as my understanding of dyslexia itself. Although Alison is not dyslexic, she has also displayed an outstanding empathic attitude in those times of frustration or on ‘bad’ days that are a part of dyslexia and this has also proved a priceless asset when being one of Alison’s clients”
Lorette (Mature student)


“I didn’t get a chance to thank you properly today, so on all our behalves I wanted to drop you a note.   The help you have given my child was great, a mix of support, structure, and a bit of pushing.  It was just what she needed, and as someone who was not one of her parents coming from the right person!”

Lawrence (Parent of A-level student)